Amy - Receptionist / Traffic Manager

Everything You Wanted To Know About Amy, And More
  • I can’t live without…   Sleep and Coffee! .. not at the same time…

  • When I’m not at the radio station, I like to…  sleep!  And relax.

  • Excluding Ely and the Iron Range, my favorite place on the planet is…  where my Family is.

  • My most prized material possession is my…  bed… where I sleep.

  • What matters most to me is… bed…. Where I sleep….

  • Three luxuries that I would want if stranded on a desert island are… my bed.. where I sleep… a tv, to watch movies, and toothpicks.  I hate food in my teeth.

  • Nothing cheers me up faster when I’m a little down than…  Doctor Who.

  • Three movies I can watch again and are…Chasing Amy(I’ve never actually seen this), The Princess Bride, Monty Python.

  • My motto or favorite quote is… (It’s just a flesh wound!)

Some of my favorite photos...