Amy - Receptionist / Traffic Manager

Amy's Bio


Amy is the person you will see at the front desk every day, and is most times the one you will be talking to when you call the station.  As well as being a receptionist, where she answers e-mails, phone calls and greets customers coming in to buy our merchandise, she also works in the traffic department.


No, that doesn’t mean she’s checking out traffic conditions in Ely, though that might be fun.  The traffic department deals with scheduling local commercials.


Granted, she’s not from around here, but she has just as much fun as the rest of us here at WELY.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Amy, And More
  • I can’t live without…   Sleep and Coffee! .. not at the same time…

  • When I’m not at the radio station, I like to…  sleep!  And relax.

  • My most prized material possession is my…  bed… where I sleep.

  • What matters most to me is… bed…. Where I sleep….

  • Three luxuries that I would want if stranded on a desert island are… my bed.. where I sleep… a tv, to watch movies, and toothpicks.  I hate food in my teeth.

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