Diane Plath - Sales / Host of "Countdown with Di"

Diane’s Bio

Seldom photographed without sunglasses- there may be some truth to the rumor that Diane “Psycho” Plath is in the Witness Protection Program. After all, it would explain moving from the tropical city of Miami to the End of the Road in Ely, Minnesota.


Her show “The Countdown with Di” ticks down the best new music in Triple A- a format that encompasses diverse musical tastes…which as luck would have it- is just the kind she has. “The part I love most is throwing in these great random tunes I’ve come across and making quirky connections to what’s going on in the Top 20. I get paid to play music I’m crazy about…what more could you ask for?” Hmmm…maybe another pair of sunglasses?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Diane...and more
  • When I’m not at the radio station, I like to…do home improvement projects. I know. As much as I complain about alway having to work on the house…it’s very satisfying. 

  • Charities I’m involved with…Wounded Warriors and the Salvation Army. I believe it what they do and how they do it.

  • What matters most to me are…my boys.

  • Three luxuries that I would want if stranded on a desert island are…Q-Tips, nail clippers and a well stocked wine cellar. I can’t stand having water in my ears, I HATE nail snags…and the wine will help me forget that when The Q-tips run out and the nail clippers get misplaced.

  • Nothing cheers me up faster when I’m a little down than…joking around with my friends. I’m lucky enough to know some really funny people!

  • My motto or favorite quote is… ”Living well is the best revenge”…I know it sounds bad, but going on happily with your life is the best way to annoy negative people.

  • You might be surprised to know that I…have a dirt bike.

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