Brett Ross - Program Director & Host of "The Feast"

Brett's Bio


The story of Brett Ross is a classic tale, one which has played out in every tragic comedy of the ages. The kind of story that writers, theologians, corporate lobbyists and side show geeks tell their children around the flames of a wild boar roast. In ancient times, the story was painted on the walls of caves, carved into the clubs used to bring down woolly mammoths, absorbed by aquatic creatures as they sprouted legs, crawled from the primordial ooze and began breathing oxygen. The story has caused countless women to swoon, scores of babies to cry, grown men to shudder in terror and the elderly and frail to suddenly jump up and bust a move. Though you may not realize it, you know this story. You are part of the story. The story of Brett Ross is the story of all of us.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Brett, and More
  • When I’m not at the radio station, I like to… Trail run, bike, spend time with my kids, make photographs, hunt rocks, shoot guns, listen to music and read books.

  • I give back to my community by… Volunteering time with the youth of the community, coaching little league baseball.

  • Excluding Ely and the Iron Range, my favorite place on the planet is… North Shore of Lake Superior

  •  What matters most to me is… Family

  • Three movies I can watch again and are… True Romance, Boondock Saints, Raising Arizona

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