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This is NOT the hidden raven...it will never appear on this page.

The Neon Green Raven Contest is here!!!!!   

Once every week, the Morning Crew will make the announcement that
“The neon green raven has landed”. 


That means the green raven has been hidden somewhere in our website. 

Find the raven and be the first one to contact WELY in the manner specified by the Morning Crew (they might ask you to email, call, text, or Facebook message). 

Follow their instructions, be the first and you will win an exclusive
“I Found the Raven” t-shirt. 

These t-shirts cannot be purchased –
the only way to get one is to find the raven … first.

Only one “I Found the Raven t-shirt” per listener in a lifetime.

Match The Pet(s) Contest!

Match the photos of the pets shown with the WELY personalities who love them.


4 - $25 gift certificates from Ely Flower and Seed will be awarded to the first four people to correctly match all pets with their owners.


One entry per person per day. One prize per household.


Contest starts on November 22, 2013 and ends on Dec. 2, 2013 at 5 pm.


If no one correctly matches all pets and owners, the greatest number of correct answers with earliest dates of submission will win. Get started!! And listen to WELY in the coming days as our personalities give you hints about their own pets. .​

Ready to get started??!!  Click Here!

Past Contest Winners!

Terri - Trivia Contest Winner
Terri - Trivia Contest Winner


Terri - Trivia Contest Winner
Terri - Trivia Contest Winner