Craig Loughery - Host of "The Trader CRaig Show"

Craig's Bio



"Trader" Craig Loughery originally hales from the East Coast near Philadelphia..He began the End Of the Road Trading Post over 12 years ago, and it has been running strong ever since...With Degrees in  Business Management and Journalism, his radio  delivery style has developed from a lifetime of experience in sales, time in Uncle Sams Army; and years of living  off-the-grid in northern Minnesota... becoming a friendly, familiar,  quick-witted and caring radio personna..


Craig and his wife Diane, whom he nick-named "The Lovely" Diane, work as a team both on the air, and off the air as they spend most of their time working on charitable projects thru the Rotary International organization..(He will serve as District Governor in 2015, serving a territory that covers three states and part of Ontario)..They reside in a home he built  himself along Burntside  Ridge; with their 15 yr old black cat Mischief...


Craig considers himself an "unbridled, but cautious, Optimist"...He is a real enthusiast for high-performance cars, deeply interested in history, (especially odd things about famous figures), and seems to have an unusually detailed memory for music- his favorite being rock and pop from the 1980's..which led him to develop the "Pure 80's" show at WELY on Saturday Nites, 9-midnite...


Everything you ever wanted to know about Craig...and more

History, Seafood, Pop Music, Pizza (cheese and MAYBE pepperonis), Early American Silver Dollars, Porterhouse Steaks, Solar devices, Welch's Grape Juice, the smell of New Tires, Scrambled Eggs, Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencils, Bacon and Sausage, Craftsman Tools, Heinz Ketchup, Ice Fishing, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Tamaracks in the Fall, and Big Soft Pretzels...


Spicy foods; most television programming; broccoli and brussel sprouts; too-slow drivers; 

hot  weather; cheap imported pencils, tools, and other oriental junk; and "Philly Cheese Steaks" that have no resemblance to the real thing...

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