Eli Bisonet - Production Monkey (he made me type that)

Eli's Bio


Eli was born with perfect hair and has worn a tie since the age of 2.


At the age of 3, he learned to play the fiddle. 


At the age of 9, there was a terrible accident involving both the tie and the fiddle. 


Never shall the two meet again.


(OK, maybe not, but it was a good start)



Everything you ever wanted to know about Eli...and more
  • I can’t live without… my fiddle and a good woodshed session...also, friends and family are key...what is there to life if we can't share it, right?

  • I give back to my community by… mentoring youth, helping the Ely Jaycees organize community projects, and being musical wallpaper for some very rad seniors

  •  When I’m not at the radio station, I like to… hunt for Sasquatch in our great northern wilderness, wander the streets of Ely to see whats happening...because ANYTHING can happen in Ely, and...well, I'm a young single guy, you figure it out.

  • My favorite quote/motto is… "Sometimes I helps out, sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits" (Old Finnish Farmer somewhere)

  • Nothing cheers me up faster when I’m a little down than… knowing and trusting that I can make a difference in this world, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant

  • For my last meal, I’d want… Mongolian BBQ, all you can eat...I'm a fast oxidizer

  • You might be surprised to know that I… I almost completely checked out of society at one time in my life

  • The famous person –alive or dead- I would most like to hang out with is… Elon Musk

  • What matters most to me is… each of us doing what we can to take personal responsibility for our choices, how we live our lives, let the future emerge from absorption in the present moment, be concerned with what is most relevant right here and right now and stop giving energy away to the emotional addictions that society feeds us.

Some of my favorite photos...

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