Milli Bissonett-  Host of "Back Home"

Everything you ever wanted to know about Milli...and more


  • I can't live without... quiet places, forests and lakes, and mostly, sauna.

  • Excluding Ely and the Iron Range, my favorite place on the planet is... the country of Finland.

  • What matters most to me is... family.

  • Three luxuries that I would want if stranded on a desert island are...  food, music, and sauna.

  • My favorite quote or motto is... "Today is a new day."

  • Nothing cheers me up faster when I'm a little down than... listening to music that fits my mood, or walking down a country road.

  • The person I admire most is... my husband, most of the time…

  • The famous person -alive or dead- I would most like to hang out with is... Kain Tapper, or Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, or Akira Kurosawa, or Mozart, or Beethoven.

  • Three movies I can watch again and again are...  "Reds" with Warren Beaty and Diane Keaton, "Dersu Uzala", and "Dreams" by Kurosawa.